The branch of health science that treats diseases, injuries and deformities by manual or operative procedure.

Procedures performed in our hospitals:-

Disimpaction/wisdom teeth removal

Disimpaction/wisdom teeth removal- removal of impacted wisdom teeth involves their removal using special surgical techniques.

Fracture Repair

Fracture of the jaw are break through the mendibular or maxillary bone they usually occurs due to trauma and are often associated with other facial trauma it mainly causes pain and swelling changes the way the teeth fit together and prevents the person from fully opening the mouth.

Tumor/cyst removal

Enucleation-enucleation means shelling out the entire cystic lesion without rupture.this procedure is usually indicated for a small cyst.

Marsupilisation- conversion of closed cavity eg.Abscess,cyst into an open pouch by incising it.

Jaw Surgeries

Jaw Surgeries- Jaw surgeries usually can be performed by our specialist to correct underligned defect.

Facial trauma- Facial injuries can affect upper jaw, lower jaw, cheek, nose or forehead.
Microvascular Surgery- Surgery on very small blood vessels such as those only 3-5 mm.
Orthognathic Surgeries- Orthognathic surgery is needed when jaws don’t meet correctly.

TMJ Ankylosis

TMJ Ankylosis:- A group of conditions with similar signs and symptoms that affect the TMJ , the muscles of mastication or both.