Meet Dr. Amit Patodiya

Dr. Amit Patodiya , this handsome man out of nowhere suddenly entered Dental industry. He studied Endodontics, Implantology in India and Micro-Dentistry in Abroad.Last but not the least recently he has inducted Laser in his practice. A long road travelled; from a simple guy to Professor in a college of Rajasthan, to one of the most successful Dentist in India, Dr. Amit Patodiya has come a long way. Having medical line in family Dr. Amit always thought of following the beaten track but when his mother suggested that with his kind heart and a good nature and artistic hand, he should take up Dentistry, the anonymous Amit began his journey as Dr. Amit Patodiya who then slowly but surely worked his way up to becoming one of the most talented persona of the Dentistry industry and the saga still continues as he continues to influence lives globally.

Dr. Amit Patodiya of Meera Dental Hospital is a name to be reckoned with in field of dentistry. He has a die-hard passion to give best of his capabilities to his patients and for that he strive in continual upgrading of his skill & deploying latest equipments & technology in his practice. Some of his advanced gadgets include Dental operating microscope (from Carl Zeiss) & Obtura( from USA) for performing Root Canal Treatment (R.C.T.). He has special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry & he does all sorts of aesthetics treatment & smile designs on regular basis. He is also an accredited member of IAACD. In his free time he loves to shoot nature with his brand new DSLR camera & indulge in long drives and fun activities with his family.