Outstanding initiatives taken by the clinic to promote dental awareness and patient education. Will be a delight to collaborate in this noble initiative. Wishing you all the best.

Shrikant Kulkarni General Manager, 3M ESPE, Bangalore

Well done!! It's a Marvelous setup! Congrats for ISO certification. May God give you good success thorough out in your practice. Keep striving for excellent quality practice.

Dr. Jayesh S. Rahalkar Pune (Orthodontics)

Had a chance to see the dental wing of Meera Hospital today. It gives satisfaction to see very good, modern facilities developing in Jaipur. Wishing Dr. Amit all the best in this venture.

Rajendra Bhanawat Divisional Commissioner, Jaipur

Well-organized dental setup for clinical work. There is potential for high standard clinical research, which will benefit both clinicians as well as the society and manufacturers to improve their products.

Dr. (Col.) P. S. Bhargava Sr. Most Dentist in Jaipur

After a good length of time I came across a dental hospital, which is worth to visit by any dental surgeon for future guidance.

Dr. N. K. Patnaik Principal & Dean Cum Advisor, M.G.D.C. & H., Sitapura, Jaipur

A very nice setup of dental. I had not been able to a dentist any time in my life but it seem that every person has to be more cautious about this part of our body. There are too many things to learn about Dental health in the clinic. I wish all success.

Dr. S. P. Yadav Director, Rajasthan Medical Directorate, Jaipur

I avail this opportunity of educating myself on the anatomy and presents condition of my teeth excellently displayed on screen. I hope this clinic saves the patient of traumatic hearing of pockets & gives confident recoverable treatment.

Justice V. S. Dave Retired High Court Justice

It is indeed fascinating to have seen the setup and the functioning of this neat & clean place. The team led by Dr. Amit and his colleagues are vibrant and knowledgeable. Dr. Patodiya looks very dynamic. I think the group has a great future and Jaipur is lucky to have this wonderful Hospital. My best wishes.

Dr. Ashok Panagariya Principal, SMS Medical College

Visit to Meera Dental Hospital has been an educative experience. How little we care for our teeth, one comes to analyze it when one closely looks at them. Meera Dental Hospital has excellent world class setup / equipment to take care of each aspect of dentistry. The knowledgeable staff of the hospital adds to its prestige. I wish them all success in their dedicated efforts to spread awareness about all problems emanating from teeth.

Lr. Kripa K. Gautam Regional Director, (Sr.) IGNOU, Regional Centre, Jaipur