A specialised branch dedicated exclusively to maintain, treat and rejuvenate the foundation of teeth i.e. Gums

It is an old saying that a good foundation is mandatory to build big empires and Periodontics helps us in achieving it.

Here in this specialty not just various problems of gums are diagnosed and treated; but also patient education and motivation is given to maintain healthy gums.

Various types of gum diseases we come across routinely are:

Halitosis (Bad Smell from mouth), Bleeding gums, Spongy gums, Loosening of teeth



Halitosis Treatment- Often patients complain of bad smell from mouth even when there are no dirt and food deposits on teeth surface. This happens because of some special types of bacterial infection. This condition is treated medically as well as by non-invasive therapy and medicaments.


Deep cleaning- When the food partials deposit on teeth to great extent and reach in depth of gums, simple oral prophylaxis (Cleaning) is unable to remove all the dirt. In such cases specialist does the cleaning in deep areas to treat the infection. The procedure is non-invasive and takes one or two appointments for complete treatment.


Root Planning- Another specialized treatment done by Periodontist and it involves meticulous cleaning of root surfaces to remove dental plaque and calculus from the curves of the roots.


Flap Surgery- It is an invasive procedure done under Local Anaesthesia and is performed by Periodontist. It's done when the infection is so extensive in the gums that it can't be treated by simple cleaning.

Once the local anaesthesia is administered the gums are lifted by giving incision and the roots are cleaned thoroughly. After the procedure is completed stitches are given in gums to put them back in original position. These stitches are removed after a week or 10 days once healing takes place.


If your gums rest too low or too high on your teeth and you are unhappy with your smile you may be a candidate for gum contouring for surgery also called gum re-shaping or tissue sculpting, this dental procedure can even out and an even gum line and give you a smile you can be proud of.

For gum contouring, first we apply the local anaesthesia to your gums then extra tissues are trimmed away with the use of sculpting instrument, gums re-contour and seal the excess gum tissues.


Recession Treatment- When the gums get infection, they swell and bleed. If the infection persists for longer time then the gums shrink thereby giving teeth an elongated appearance.

This condition is treated surgically under local anaesthesia where gums are surgically pushed to cover up the length of the teeth followed by stitches.


Laser gum depigmentation (turning dark gum into pink) often the gums appear dark and blackish even though the person is fair in completion this happens because of building up of pigments under the gum (melanin). These pigments develop due to one or many of the reasons 'mouth breathing, smoking, regular intake of excessive hard food, genetics'.

Lot of methods have been used to treat this problem. To begin with oldest methods have been first is partial thickness flap where a thin layer of gums is taken off with the help of scalpel under local anaesthesia. Another method has been use of abrasive burs to scrape the top layer of gums again under local anaesthesia. Both of these methods turn out to be bit painful later during healing, hence they are not very popular. Recently another method has been tried in form of Cryo surgery where super cooled nitrous oxide is blown on gums giving cold burns which heal slowly giving the peal of dead skin. Though it is less painful but needs combustion equipments to use nitrous oxide and hence not practical. The latest method is by erbium laser where the procedure is fast, minimal painful and is predictable. The laser works in precise manner and is not damaging to any surrounding tissue. In Meera Dental Hospital, we are doing this with Erbium Laser.