Laser Treatments

Meera Dental Hospital has Erbium LASER with which following treatments are done:

OSMF Treatment

OSMF (Oral submucous fibrosis) is an oral precancerous condition characterized by inflammation and progressive fibrosis of the submucosal tissues resulting in marked rigidity and reduced mouth opening.
LASER helps in controlling and reversing this condition by stimulating healing of tightened muscles of the jaw.

Snoring Treatment

Snoring is one of the causes of sleep apnoea and disturbed sleep. This condition often leads to high BP and cardiac problems. Our LASER helps in reducing snoring and associated sleep apnoea by giving strength to throat muscles. In few appointments this problem of snoring can be brought under control.

Facial Cleansing

Dead skin layer is removed painlessly from the face using LASER in a safe way. It gives a feeling of freshness to the face and enhances its glow.


It is a site-specific infectious disease that causes an inflammatory process in soft tissues, and bone loss around an implant.
LASER helps in eradication of this infection around implant thereby giving it a chance to recover.

Pocket Sterilisation

Gums around the teeth helps in holding teeth along with bone. At times due to infections in gums inflammation happens and space is created between tooth and gum. This space is called as ‘pocket’ and it causes loosening of teeth compromising their anchorage to the bone.
Conventional treatment is deep cleaning or periodontal surgery.
LASER helps in eradicating this infection by making gums sterile again thereby minimising the need of surgery for saving the tooth.

Gingival Depigmentation

Dark coloured gums often makes person conscious of their smile. Conventional methods of their correction are by scalpel or abrading gums by different devices which can be very painful.
LASER makes this treatment very comfortable as it eliminates the dark colour of gums in a painless way thus enhancing healing of gums.

Ulcer Treatment

Ulcers when happen cause lot of pain and discomfort to patient in eating food. It takes 3-7 days for them to heal. LASER helps in enhancing their healing and eliminating pain thus making patient comfortable.

Sensitivity Treatment

acute sensitivity in teeth can be very painful and conventional treatments (application of desensitising pastes) take couple of days to weeks for the effect to come.
LASER helps in instant elimination of this sensitivity when tooth is treated with LASER.

Dental Fillings

Tooth fillings when done by conventional drilling is often scary to patient due to associated vibrations and sensitivity. LASER is used by us at Meera Dental Hospital to drill teeth without any such painful vibrations and sensitivity thus making patient more relaxed and comfortable.

Wart Removal

Wart is a small, fleshy bump on the skin or mucous membrane caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Irrespective of size and number, wart removal can be done by LASER. It is a painless procedure with no or minimal healing marks.

Corn Removal

Corn in feet often become very painful and conventionally it’s not easy to remove them. With LASER they can be removed easily.