Tooth Jewellery

More and more people are looking for a sparkling white smile to underline their personality. This is further enhanced with the help of tooth Jewellery. Tooth Jewellery is an age old concept that has been practiced by woman from all races & all age groups. In this modern age Tooth jewellery has taken form of tiny Crystal embellishments. Practiced mainly in USA & U.K., this trend is fairly recent and is catching up in India. Keeping up with the latest trends abroad, MEERA DENTAL HOSPITAL extends this novel opportunity for its clients.


  • Very Safe specially treated to make them medically safe
  • No drilling, surgery or pain
  • Entire process lasts for about 15 minutes
  • Easy to remove without any harm to the tooth
  • No problems with eating, brushing
  • Not affected by Hot or Cold drinks
  • No sharp edges
  • Available in different colors, different shapes & various designs in Gold.
  • Not like the Oral Piercing where the soft lip, tongue or gums are punctured/ pierced.
Make a febulous style statement with 12 gorgeous colors
  • Baby Pink
  • Brilliant Peridot
  • Clear Diamond
  • Devine Aquamarine
  • Electric Magenta
  • English Rose
  • Fire Diamond
  • Gold Champagne
  • P assion Ruby
  • Radiant Tanzanite
  • Rich Blue Zircon
  • Rose Champagne